Travel Clinic


Planning a trip abroad? Permit us to send you on your way in good health. If you’re headed to a developing country, or a remote destination, you may need preventive measures like vaccinations, anti-malaria medications or drugs to prevent altitude sickness. Our experts will review your itinerary and help you prepare for your trip. These vaccinations might include yellow fever, hepatitis A & B, MMR, and meningitis. Some countries even require you to present your International Certificate of Immunization in order to enter their borders. Be sure and visit our office to get the right immunizations and vaccines for the area of the world that you are travelling to. Dr. Mark Gelfand is current TCA doctors that prepare vacationers, students, missionaries, businessmen and all international travelers with customized health and safety advice, medication and immunizations. Visit the links below where you can learn more about our Travel Medicine Specialists and find disease control travel information based on your destination.



Hepatitis A                             Tetanus (Td)
Hepatitis B                             Tetanus (Tdap)
Meningitis                           Twinrix
MMR                                   Typhoid (capsules)
Polio                                    Typhoid (injection)
Yellow Fever